Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Semi-Great Purge of 2007

I took the last two weeks off and tried to use the time to get a handle on what needs to be done around the house. We rented a cargo van from U-Haul on the evening of Thursday, August 9th. On Friday we twice loaded it with junk from the garage and took it to the landfill. On Saturday, the third load consisted of a bunch of junk from the garage and most of the junk from the back yard, side yard and patio. It really felt great to hurl those 15-20 broken down folding chairs, both rotted-out mini-trampolines, and so much more into the pile of refuse at the dump. Driving away from the dump after the first load I said, "I feel 700 lbs lighter!"

That took care of the bulk of the junk. We still have stuff to process for donating to Goodwill, selling on craigslist and/or putting up on Freecycle. I had my first experience with craigslist this week, too. I listed a whole bunch of Amiga equipment, peripherals and software for $100. It took me a week to get through the miscommunications of trying to get a willing buyer to my house to pick the stuff up. Most of it went yesterday. I asked the guy after he'd paid me what I could have gotten for the stuff. He said that the two Amiga 1000 computers in the boxes could go for about $125 each and the A2000HD could be sold for about $250. I was happy to have the $100 and have (most of) it out of the way. It had been blocking the keeper stuff and the triage stuff in the living room.

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