Sunday, August 19, 2007

Daunting Task

First, I do not like garage sales. I don't like going to them. I would not like running one. I do not even like seeing them and their tacky signs around the neighborhood. (To be clear, I don't care if other people do them and I would not back legislation to outlaw them. I am a little-l-libertarian in that regard.)

So, now that I've had my first taste of dealing with what amounts to an online garage sale (see post below) I am now a bit nervous about dealing with the other stuff we want to get rid of but don't want to just throw away. Some of the stuff is in good enough condition and would - hopefully - command a high enough price that I would like to recoup a little of the cost. I have a bowflex exercise thingy, a bread-maker and some recipe books, we have quite a bit of home schooling curriculum that someone can surely use, a bike rack for the Jeep Cherokee that we sold over ten years ago, etc. Les would also have to deal with some of this since I'm going back to work tomorrow and still have my three nights a week of Aikido.

There is also quite a bit of stuff that we're going to post on Freecycle just because I don't think it would get us any money but it's still too good to throw away.

I will put the posts up this afternoon.... I swear.

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