Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

I accomplished some of the tasks I planned a week ago. I sold the bike rack ($40 - ch-ching). I got the Visa rate lowered (but not as much as I wanted). A. and I got to the gym every morning (except today - closed for Labor Day) and I did get to Aikido all three evenings (though a bit late on Thursday).

I listed the Bowflex and the other piece of equipment on Craig's List (today) and put out a freecycle listing for the old bunk bed frame.

The sermon I wanted hasn't been uploaded yet.

I wrapped up the YNAB month and looked at next month. I'm not sure I'm using it properly but since we aren't living on last month's income (not by a long shot!) I need to keep closer track of the cash flow. It's going to be a tight month (again) and it's not going to be easy to avoid adding some debt without sacrifices that other people may not be willing to make. It doesn't help that L's birthday is this month or that I'll be going to an Aikido seminar in three weeks. It would help if I could sell the Bowflex, etc., for a little extra cash.

Plans for this week include my doctor's appointment, having our eyes checked (oops, didn't budget for that!) and T. supposedly getting her learners permit and or drivers license.

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